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Tagging Instructions

  • Tagging must be done using our on-line system with My Consignment Manager. Final item entry deadline is Tuesday, January 20, 2015, at 4pm. All tags must be reviewed and edited prior to the deadline. Tag errors or print errors cannot be corrected after this deadline has passed.


Sample Tag

Sample Tag 2

  • Tags must be printed using an inkjet or laser printer (no dot matrix) with a normal (not best quality) printout. Faded barcodes and tags that are too dark may not work; must appear crisp and clear.
  • Tags MUST be printed on white or pastel-colored card stock paper only (NO blue, multi-colored, patterned or textured paper). 60-67 lb. weight recommended. No hang -tags, light-weight paper, or copy paper, labels, stickers, straight pins, or small gold safety pins. Any deviations will be turned away at drop-off.
  • Your items will be inventoried for you by the tagging system. Use descriptions that you recognize and be as concise as possible — descriptions are limited and good descriptions will help your item to sell.
  • Use a med. to lg. safety pin to VERTICALLY attach tag to clothing & soft items (Safety pin should be vertical).
  • Use tape to attach tag to hard/plastic items.
  • DO NOT cover the bar code in any way, not even with clear tape.
  • Pin index card on left shoulder of shirt (right side as you look at the item hanging).
  • All tags must be accessible. DO NOT place tags inside bags.
  • All clothing should be hung with the open end of the hanger pointing left.
  • Use number sizes on children's clothing — do not use small, medium, large, etc.
  • Shoes must be tied together or placed in a clear bag and tagged. ALL shoes MUST have an additional masking tape tag on both soles — including consignor #, price, and size.
  • *NEW* All electronic media boxes (i.e., DVDs, VHS tapes, CDs, any model video game cartridge) must remain untaped for inspection at drop-off. We will place a "seal of inspection" on the item to seal the box closed after inspection.
  • The minimum price for a single item is $2.00 except for books and VHS tapes which may be priced as low as $0.50. Use 50 cent increments for items over $2.00. Bundle items together to reach the $2.00 minimum.
  • If you want the price of an item to be reduced at 1/2-off sales, you must mark the box when entering items. Please note all toys priced $10 and under, all shoes, all books, and all VHS tapes will be 1/2-off at check-out, regardless of the lack of a discount dot. Please mark all of these items as discounted for ease at check-out.
  • OPTIONAL: To donate an item(s) that does not sell, mark the box when entering items into inventory. All items marked for donation will be 1/2-off at the Super Sale.

Rules for 1/2-Off Super Sale

  • The tagging system has a check box where you will indicate if you would like your item discounted. A checkmark in the "Discount" box indicates that you would like your item's price to be reduced during our Super Sales Friday (private preview) and Saturday (public). The reduction is 50%.
  • Discounted items are identified by the use of "DISCOUNT: YES". Previously tagged items using a red or black dot in the lower right corner must be reprinted (regenerated) for this sale. (Recommend embedding picture with a red "X" through the picture)
  • All of the following items will be 1/2-Off of the tagged price during Super Sales. Please mark them for discount during data entry. NO EXCEPTIONS:
    • ALL books
    • ALL coats (NOTE: Winter coats are not accepted for the Spring/Summer sale)
    • ALL shoes
    • ALL toys priced $10 or less
    • ALL VHS tapes (DVDs not included)

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